Saturday, October 23, 2010

AP Magazine

Here is a magazine that focuses on different genres of alternative music such as punk, pop-punk, metal, hardcore, and others, including news, features, tours, album releases, and more. This magazine is great for up to date information in the alternative music world and is personally one of my favorites, and has been for a pretty long time.

Alternative Press Magazine, also known as the AP Magazine, creates monthly issues for subscribers and the general public from its headquarters located in Cleveland, Ohio. They also keep an updated website that allows fans to navigate to find their latest magazine information, the AP Tour, podcasts, AP online store, and even more. It also allows fans to subscribe for the first time, or renew their subscriptions right at home. Fans can also order past issues off of their site.

Punk bands that AP Magazine has featured in the past are Blink-182Green Day, and AFI. Along with featuring bands, AP also releases issues focusing on tours, such as Warped Tour, and special issues focusing a certain genre of bands, like punk. Their most recent issue features Anberlin.

Fans can follow AP Magazine on Twitter: @AltPress, which I strongly recommend because they post exclusive interviews and more.

Photo: Four of my AP Magazines, taken by me.

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