Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not Quite Southern Rock

Check out an unusual style of punk rock through Fake Problems, a band that adds a little bit of home to their music. They take southern rock, and give it a new punk meaning.

Southern rock is a style of music, that by definition, incorporates a "down south" tone with repetitive beats, singing with tough and raspy vocals, banjo-sounding guitars, and southern-living themes. This genre can be found upon classical rock, in bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Fake Problems, a band from Naples, Florida, created their own type of southern sounds, mixing it with punk rock, and keeping their music modern as well. Like the southern rock style, Fake Problems use a tough southern-style vocal, but also incorporate soft singing in the mix. They keep a punk sound with two guitars, a bass guitar, and drums, but also add keyboards at times, making the music more upbeat. Their lyrics speak of love, challenges, and life in general. A southern hint lies within the lyrics when they mention religious aspects such as Heaven and hell.

Fake Problems play a variation of fast- and slow-paced songs. Their fast-pace songs incorporate some of that southern sound that's heard in some classical music, as mentioned before, but also maintains that quick, upbeat punk sound. Their slower songs are more relaxing and soft, but still incorporate all instruments. Altogether, Fake Problems show a different and unique kind of style with a mixture of their southern home and punk rock.

Fake Problems will be touring throughout the month of December on the East Coast. Check out the dates here.

Photos: (top left) Lead singer, Chris Farren, of Fake Problems, (bottom right) Fake Problems performing Warped Tour  2009 in Cleveland, Ohio, taken by me.

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