Friday, November 12, 2010

All The Way From The UK a straight punk rock band called Gallows.

For those that don't know of them, Gallows are a punk rock band from Watford, Hertfordshire, according to their Facebook, located in the United Kingdom. Gallows sing and play nothing but punk, with angry lyrics and deep sounds. They do more than keep punk alive, they represent it. Check out their music video to "Abandon Ship," from their album "Orchestra Of Wolves," released in the United States in 2007. To read the lyrics to "Abandon Ship," and other Gallows songs as well, go to the media tab on their website.

Gallows consists of five members: Frank Carter on lead vocals, Laurent Barnard on guitars/keys/vocals, Steph Carter on guitars/vocals, Stu Gili-Ross on bass, and Lee Barrat on drums. Frank Carter is also a tattoo artist at, and co-owner of, Austin Tattoo Company in Austin, Texas. You can also find photography from this artist on his blog.

The Gallows tour all through the UK and Europe, along with the US. Currently, they are touring outside of the US for the month of November. At shows, such as Warped Tour where I had first watched Gallows live, Frank Carter sings in and with the crowd, instead of on stage. Also, I added a Gallows RSS feed on my blog for you to stay updated!

Here is a video taken by me of Frank Carter from Gallows singing and moshing in the pit at Warped Tour 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio. The footage is rough because I was in a crazy crowd, but I just wanted you to see how Frank Carter incorporates the fans in the concert too.

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