Sunday, November 07, 2010

Define Punk, Again

Take a look at Anti-Flag, another band that defines punk music.

Anti-Flag, a band of four from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, define punk through their rough, upbeat, and fast musical tones, and arrangement of classical punk vocal sounds. Anti-Flag consists of Chris #2 on vocals and bass, Justin Sane also on vocals, and guitar, Chris Head also on guitar, and Pat Thetic on the drums. Anti-Flag focuses their music on the government, protest, and fighting for what's right, whether it be against war, corrupted media, police brutality, and more.

Their song, "Die For The Government," (This is not the official music video, just a copy off YouTube.) off their 1997 album, "Die For The Government," talks about how people fight and die in honor of their government, and how it's wrong to do so. In the song, they shout the truth in the chorus and sing against it. "This Is The End (For You My Friend)," from their album "For Blood And Empire" in 2006, talked about how the end has come for commercialization of the "right" weight, appearance, and advertising media fed to Americans every single day. These couple songs, plus many more, show the personalities of the members of Anti-Flag, what they stand up for, and what they believe in.

Anti-Flag's latest album is titled The People Or The Gun and was promoted by Side One Dummy records. Currently, they are not on tour, but have a show on December 8 in Los Angeles, California.

Check out these Anti-Flag songs: "Turncoat," and "1 Trillion Dollar$"

Photos: (top) Justin Sane and Chris Head, (bottom) Chris #2 in the crowd, both at Warped Tour 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio, taken by me.

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