Friday, December 10, 2010

Flyleaf: A Different Taste Of Music

Check out Flyleaf, a band with not only a unique music style and sound, but an interest in art and outreach.

"Momento Mori" album cover.
Flyleaf is a band from Temple, Texas that incorporates variations of sound to their rock music; they are also a Christian band. As a punk rock fan, I personally love Flyleaf and their difference in sound, and feel that they relate and convey punk rock music, especially through their instruments and vocal attitude. Listen to "I'm So Sick" from their 2006 self titled album, to hear a fast-paced and heavy punk-resembling sound with vocalist Lacey Mosley's defined lyrics and talented range of vocals.

According to Lacey Mosley in a recent post on Flyleaf's website, the artwork seen on the homepage of their website was created by Pat Seals, bassist and backing vocalist in the band. The artwork was inspired by Flyleaf's album released in 2009 titled "Momento Mori."

"Flyleaf" self titled album cover.
Not only does Flyleaf promote music and difference...and art, but also outreach. They take part in, support, and encourage World Vision and Samaritan's Purse for help in Haiti. These links can also be found on the homepage of their website if you are interested in giving a helping hand.

Recently, on December 7, 2010, Flyleaf released an album called "Remember To Live," which includes old songs, and a few new ones too. You can purchase this album online at iTunes or Amazon, or in stores. Flyleaf is not currently on tour. You can follow them on Twitter to stay posted: @flyleafmusic.

Check out these Flyleaf songs: "So I Thought" and "Fully Alive"

"Momento Mori" album cover courtesy of and "Flyleaf" self titled album cover courtesy of

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